Windows XP SP3 Update Pack x86 Standalone-Installer Or Nlite AddOn

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Added September 12 2008
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Windows XP SP3 Update Pack x86 Standalone-Installer/Nlite AddOn (Sept 08)

This update pack contains every Windows XP SP3 update since SP3 was released and updated components such as, Internet explorer 7 and Windows Media Player 11. Each and every update was downloaded safely from Microsoft. With this pack you have two choices, either use it as a stand-alone installer or integrate it into your XP source using Nlite.

==Windows Updates included; (WindowsUpdates.exe)

-MS08-037: Description of the security update for DNS in Windows Server 2003, in Windows XP, and in Windows 2000 Server (client side): July 8, 2008

-KB932716 - Image Mastering API v2.0 (IMAPIv2.0)

-Root Certificates Update (May 2008)

-KB890830 - Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

-European Union Expansion Font Update

-KB907306 - Software Update for Web Folders

-KB950974 - Security Update for Windows XP

-KB951066 - Security Update for Outlook Express for Windows XP

-KB951376 - Security Update for Windows XP

-KB951698 - Security Update for Windows XP

-KB952954 - Security Update for Windows XP

-KB931906 - Security Update for CAPICOM

-KB938127 - Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP

-KB941569 - Security Update for Windows XP

-KB946648 - Security Update for Windows XP

-KB949269 - Security Update for Windows XP

-KB950762 - Security Update for Windows XP

-KB951072 - Update for Windows XP

-KB952287 - Update for Windows XP

-KB954708 - Update for Windows XP

-KB955417 - Update for Windows XP

-KB950582 - Update for Windows XP

-KB898461 - Update for Windows XP

-KB951618 - Update for Windows XP

-KB951830 - Update for Windows XP

-KB939683 - Update for Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP

-KB944043 - Update for Windows XP

-KB953838 - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer for Windows XP

-KB953839 - Cumulative Security Update for ActiveX Killbits for Windows XP

-KB953838 - MS08-045: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer

-KB936782 - MS07-047: Vulnerability in Windows Media Player could allow remote code execution

-FIX: Windows Media Player 11 may crash if you plug in certain flash memory devices while you use Windows Media Player in Windows XP (KB933547)

-FIX: Device connection is disconnected when you synchronize lots of files between Windows Media Player 11 and a Windows Mobile device (KB935551)

-FIX: Windows Media Player 11 may stop responding when you transfer media to a device that uses the Media Transfer Protocol and then you cancel the transfer process (KB935552)

-FIX: Windows Media Player stops responding when you use a Nero burning plug-in (KB935957)

-FIX: When you use an application to play DRM-protected video content in Windows XP, the application may fail (KB939209)

-FIX: The memory for an application increases for each file that you transfer when you transfer media from a computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows XP to a portable device

-FIX: SAMI scripts fire at seemingly random times when you perform a seek operation in a video file that has an associated SAMI file

-FIX: Windows Media Player 11 cannot play some Windows Media content that was created by a Windows Media Format SDK-based application

-FIX: An audio or video file does not play in Windows Media Player when you connect through a proxy server that uses an autoproxy script

-FIX: Windows Media Player 11 may not work correctly when you use the Media Sharing feature to stream Windows Media format video content across a home network

-FIX: You repeatedly receive a message to install update 929399 on a computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows XP

-FIX: You hear an unexpected noise or a problem in the audio playback when you play back a Windows Media Audio (WMA) file on certain hardware devices

-FIX: The encoder cannot use the Windows Media Audio 9 Voice codec after you install Windows Media Player 11 on a computer that uses Windows Media Encoder 9 Series

==Updated components included; (UpdatedComponents.exe)

-Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5145

-Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.13

==How to integrate into XP source using Nlite; (Example for Updated components)

Step 1 - Sorting the AddOn

-Install 7z457.exe in download folder.

-Go to the Updated Components AddOn folder and highlight 'Entries_UpdateC.ini' file and 'SVCPACK' folder.

-Whilst they're highlighted, righ-click them both, then click '7-ZIP' and then 'Add to Archive',

-Then change the name to whatever.7z, but remember to include 'AddOn' in the name so nlite recognizes it.

=Repeat step 1 in the Windows updates addon folder for the windows updates addon.

==Step 2 - Integrating your AddOn into XP source

-Install Nlite from;

-Then visit;  

for a detailed tutorial on how to integrate your addon.

==How to use as a stand-alone installer;

1. Either launch WindowsUpdates.exe or UpdatedComponents.exe (Depending on what you want installed)

To install Updated components go to Updated Components AddOnsvcpack and launch 'UpdatedComponents.exe'

To install Windows Updates go to Windows Updates AddOnsvpack and launch 'WindowsUpdates.exe'

==File Hashes;


MD5: 991E657CB8DF50441FFED38AC7154E71


MD5: F51448D1E0174E0250134703DD5B7758

Enjoy, :)

Please help seed.


=(Q)Can I use this update pack to update SP2?

=(A)Yes. But remember that SP3 is a roll-up of all the SP2 updates.

=(Q)Is x86 -- 32-bit?


Locations no locations


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